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New features in deskONE

Serial booking

Are you in the office several days a week? Does a meeting take place every week?

Serial booking allows everyone in the company to book workstations and rooms directly as a series.
Whether you would like to book your workstation for a month every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or the green meeting room for the team meeting every Monday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., the new function makes it possible with just a few clicks.
Double bookings can be ruled out in this way because the tool prevents conflicting bookings.
How to:
Simply create your individual series pattern by specifying the period, i.e. the start and end of your booking and the series pattern, weekly or monthly, as well as the series duration. After a check, all series appointments are booked without conflicts and can then be found in your appointment overview (“Current bookings”).

Person search

Who is in the office, when and where?

Thanks to the new people search, you can see when which team members are in the office and where they are sitting.
It promotes collaboration within the team, as you can quickly and easily book a seat next to your colleagues.
How to:
You simply enter the desired name or email address in the search box and see where and when the person has booked on the selected day.


Which workstations and meeting rooms are preferably booked? Are there enough desks and meeting rooms? How much office space is needed?

The new “utilization” feature provides information on actual workstation, space and resource utilization.
It provides insights into your space utilization and booking patterns, as well as the home office habits of your workforce.
How to:
Colored markers show the utilization of the available workstations and rooms in the desired period at a glance. A mouse-over of the workstations and meeting rooms provides the current utilization rates in percent.


How can I visualize bookings for meeting rooms? How can I make a booking directly at the room?

Thanks to the new interface via Graph API, displays in the office can show bookings fully automatically.
With the touch functionality of the displays, bookings can be made directly at the room.
How to:
Simply configure the interface in the settings and link the display and room via the room mailbox.

Synchronization with Outlook

How do I keep booking data synchronized? How do I create seamless integration with Microsoft Office?

Microsoft room mailboxes are used as standard in many companies.
Extend the basic functionality of the mailboxes with the familiar deskONE features. All bookings are displayed on the floor plans in real time, regardless of where the booking was made.
How to:
Link room and room mailbox in the settings and switch on automatic synchronization.


What happens to bookings if employees are prevented from working at short notice, fall ill or spontaneously decide to work from their home office?

With the help of the check-in function, unused bookings can be automatically canceled after a certain time and the workstation or meeting room can be released again.
This means that manual intervention is no longer required for unused bookings and capacity utilization can be increased sustainably.
How to:
Define the time period in which check-in should be possible before and, if necessary, after the start of booking (grace period). The employees receive an e-mail containing the link for check-in before the start of the booking. Alternatively, check-in can also take place via the web interface or smartphone.

Team areas

How can teamwork and information sharing be promoted in the office?

The flexible and free choice of desk is a great advantage for employees in desk-sharing solutions. At the same time, however, competencies should still be able to be bundled. By using team spaces, you can optimally support agile working methods and additionally create separate areas for your teams.
How to:
Combine workstations into so-called team areas. These team areas are differentiated by color and represent areas in which specific teams, departments or other user groups can book quickly and easily. Employees can thus quickly find the right place.